We've been privately distributing our photographers' preview over the past couple weeks. If you're a skimboarding photographer, check it out on our issues page. 

Jackie and I have put a lot of work into the planning stages of this magazine, and we're using this preview to reach out to the best of the best photographers in the skim world. Before we built the preview, we were a bit hesitant to just start emailing photographers and asking for photos. So we thought, "What better way could we impress potential photographers than by actually showing them our abilities?" 

Along the way we came up with the idea for the social buttons, and that's become a large part of our vision. We want to enhance and interconnect the skim community through this platform. And the social buttons enable viewers to instantly access the feeds and websites of those they find most appealing. 

I know the site is a little bare right now, as well as repetitive with the Pulse logo in every nook and cranny, but soon enough the site will feel alive. 

We're stoked you've decided to check it out. Bookmark, follow, and like us. We're here to stay.


AuthorDavid Haefele