The first ever issue of Pulse Skimboading is live! Jackie and I worked hard to make this thing happen, and it's only the beginning. 

David Sterman's interview is real page turner. Casey Kiernan's as well. The 2 part Mainland Mexico travel articles are intriguing and full of interesting perspectives. Also, the massive Exposure section is full of unbelievable photos from around the world. 

We got a whole lot of help putting this thing together. Our contributors list is extensive and incredible. These guys are the ones putting in the hard work while the waves are good. Everyone owes them a follow and a thank you. 

Also, we couldn't have done it without Derek Makekau from ForeverSkim giving us guidance, and his name. His endorsement gave us so much clout within the industry, it's mind-boggling. 

Enough of my rambling, head on over to our issues page, and check it out!

AuthorDavid Haefele