We've been having a fun time with our Instagram account lately. In case you haven't seen our posts, our Spring 2014 issue is ready to drop, but we needed a bigger audience. Rather than put out the magazine and wait for the content to spread organically, we decided to find a way to build some buzz. And the idea for a ransom note was born.

The idea: create a ransom note stating the situation. Once we reach 2000 followers, our magazine goes live. Tell fans to repost the picture, tag their friends, and do whatever it takes for us to reach our goal. Once we do, our magazine is available. 

I knew it would gain some traction, but I'm honestly blown away with how many people have shared the image. Major brands, influential professionals, and average joes have all reposted and encouraged skimboarders to follow us at @pulskimboarding.  When we started the campaign, we had just over 400 followers. It's been about 36 hours, and we're currently over 1300 and going strong. Wonder what the next 36 will look like. 

AuthorDavid Haefele