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Submission Guidelines

The guidelines below outline the specifics of what we look for in submitted photography. Photos that meet these guidelines have a much higher chance of being published.



  • 1700 x 1100 or larger.

Preferred File Type

  • Experienced photographers: TIFF or JPEG

  • Inexperienced photographers: RAW, if possible.

Naming File

  • When naming your photos, please follow the following format: PhotographerFirstNameLastName_RiderFirstNameLastName_Location-SequenceNumber

    • ie. MiguelSantiago_BillBryan_Aliso-3.tiff


  • We need permission from the photographer. If you are not the original photographer, please include an email contact for the photographer.


  • We prefer to publish never-before-seen, fresh, exclusive content. In this digital age, we understand if you have posted this on a private Facebook or Instagram account. We may still use photos that have been published in other places, but this significantly decreases the possibility of publication.

Photo Editing

  • Experienced photographers: feel free to edit photos in photoshop, lightroom or other editing programs prior to submission.

  • Inexperienced photographers: please leave your photos unedited and submit in RAW format if available.


  • Do not place watermarks on submitted photos.

Social Share Icon

  • Include URL to photographer’s Instagram, Facebook, or private website.

    • This submitted link will be consistent across all photos submitted from that photographer for each quarterly issue. (We will not link to Instagram on one page and then Facebook on another. Each photographer will have one link throughout the entire issue.)

    • Submitted URLs must be photographer or individual specific. Company pages unrelated to photography will not be linked via social buttons.

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